Getting to Know Prefabricated Compact Substations

  • published : 2022/12/20
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Prefabricated compact substations are widely used in large and industrial cities due to the problems related to lack of space and very high land costs. This model of electric substations is of great importance in order to shorten the time of construction, installation and operation of public, exclusive and exclusive substations of the power distribution network, using safe electrical equipment with small volume. Prefabricated compact substations are made in two types of metal and concrete and have three separate parts for medium pressure switchboards, distribution transformers and low pressure switchboards.

Prefabricated compact substations can provide the necessary electricity in emergency situations and unexpected events. The design of these devices is such that the installation of their skeleton, parts and equipment is done in a short period of time.

EHDAS GHODRAT NIRO Company in order to meet the power industry needs of the country has designed and constructed two prefabricated substations which will be used based on the need.

*  Ground prefabricated substations

*  Mobile prefabricated substations


Compact prefabricated substations